Easy to use and
feature rich

We’ve built Topline to provide all the features you need without over complicating it.
Our setup wizard will get you started in less than five minutes.

Setup Wizard

Topline Dogs comes with a setup wizard that is simple to use, we request a limited amount of information such as the services you offer and how you handle deposits. It takes most users less than 10 minutes to setup. After this, you have a fully functioning personalised system that is ready to go.


We will automatically remind customers of their appointments to reduce wasting your valuable time. These can be sent via SMS and Email. We allow you to set the amount of days before the appointment these will be sent.


For each appointment you can request a deposit to be paid upfront or the entire amount. Your customers can pay by Bank Transfer or by Card payment. We will notify you that a card payment has been made which will be paid directly into your bank account.

New Customer Forms/Contracts

Say goodbye to asking all your questions over the phone or the time-consuming process of manually entering the details face to face. With Topline, we automatically send out a new customer form. Once the customer receives it, they can fill in all the information you have requested and it is automatically added to the system.

Online Bookings

We support specific booking slots being published and automatic mode where we look for gaps in your diary.  All appointments require your approval before being added to your calendar. We intergrate with Facebook and your website.


Send Emails to all your customers at once. This could be updating them to your new working hours to advertising your last few slots. We also include smart filters to make sure your messages get to the right customers.

Customer Reputation

Every time you book an appointment Topline will show you how many appointments that customer has attended, cancelled and no showed. As it’s at the point of booking, you can use this information to charge a higher deposit or request full payment up front.

Products and Services

What’s more is that you can add on additional products like a Blueberry Facial or Mud Treatment.

Customer and Pets

Manage your customers and their pets with total ease. Easily view contact details, medical history, grooming notes, blade / scissor type and much more.


Reports such as Revenue per month, appointments per month and referral data will allow you to gain a valuable insight into your business.

Redundant Systems

Our primary environment is rated for 99.9% uptime. Should anything happen, you will automatically switch over to our backup system. We also offer the ability to have your schedule emailed to you so you can print it off if you prefer to have paper copies as a backup.

Continuous Cloud Backup

Your data is continuously being backed up to Microsoft cloud servers so there is complete peace of mind and no need to worry about keeping data safe.

Topline Aware

Fully GDPR compliant, Topline Aware is a unique, community driven system that warns you of potentially difficult dogs before you have performed any services in order to improve safety and minimise losses. Groomers can report dogs and you will be notified if they sign up with you.


With Topline, each Staff can have their own separate calendar or multiple Staff can be assigned to one appointment – perfect for those bigger dogs.


Topline will notify you of key events. Such as a New Customer Form being filled in, deposit being paid, appointment reminder being sent and much more.

Multi-pet Appointments

With Topline, you can easily add multiple pets to one appointment. You can even send off a New Pet Form for any new arrivals to your customer’s family while booking in the regular pets.


Easily create and manage appointments. Topline’s powerful appointment engine allows you to send off a new customer form to a customer and book them in for a groom in a few clicks. All the heavy lifting and data collection is taken care of, allowing you to get on with your busy day.